HOLI is The Festival of Colour that represents good overcoming evil, whilst LOTUS is the national flower of India that symbolises purity.

  • our journey

    India is a vibrant country, so rich in culture and a second home to us which created our initial love for textiles and fashion. We therefore wanted to create a brand that celebrates our culture and show the remarkable talent of Indian artisans. The standstill motion of the pandemic provided clarity over our vision to create comfortable loungewear that is ethically made using sustainable fabrics. The aesthetics of our prints are designed with purpose creating a duo between England’s nature and the soulful Indian spirit.

  • the process

    Holi Lotus believes in slow fashion- creating timeless quality items through fair production and sustainability. Once a print has been sketched out and finalised the next part of the process is where the artisans work their magic by meticulously and intricately carving this onto the wooden blocks, a practice that feels mesmerising and offers a stunning repetition of design. Carving the blocks can take 15 days. The dyes are extracted from fruits, vegetables, minerals, flowers and AZO free pigment colour.

  • Our inspiration

    When walking through the streets and markets of India, we always felt so drawn to all the beautiful coloured fabrics and prints. The artisans of India provide so much inspiration while showcasing a raw passion. Our fascination with their talents and skill led us to the beautiful process of hand block printing. Rajasthan is a famous state in India where this talent is hugely practiced. This is a piece of India we felt we had to share with the rest of the world. The amount of attention, sheer talent and passion which is involved in this process of art really is something special.

“Everything is made up of energy and energy is transferable so there is a huge importance that lies in what we surround ourself with. If something has been made with love then this will reflect on us and out to the universe.”

- Alysha Karavadra, Founder of Holi Lotus