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The Giga Long Sleeve Set

The Giga Long Sleeve Set

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100% organic cotton pyjama set with hand block print. A breathable long sleeve set, perfect for daytime lounging and cosy nights in. A comfortable, relaxed fit.

The Giga print was inspired by a gentleman who lived a life by remaining pure within the heart and mind which mirrors the symbolisation of a Lotus flower. The lotus flower is the focal of this print which reminds us of peace, tranquillity and positivity. This is everything Giga stood by.


• Hand block printed

• Drawstring waist

• Pockets

• Button fronted

• Piped edges

• Oversized fit for extra comfort

Sizing & Care

Due to the handmade nature of our products you may find irregularities, each piece is entirely unique. We believe our goods are perfectly imperfect.

Caring for your item:

• Cold hand wash for best results

• Use a warm iron to make the cotton extra soft

• We recommend hand drying to extend the life of your pyjamas

Visit our Sizing & Care page for more information.

Shipping & Returns

We operate a 30-day returns policy. Please visit our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

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  • Fair Pay to Artisans

    The artisans deserve to be paid a premium and there is a fair pay policy in place to credit their talents.

  • Promoting Dying Arts

    With an increase in fast fashion it is important to preserve skills which have been passed down for centuries.

  • Slow Fashion

    This ancient craft is done by hand from start to finish, no machinery is used in this process. Beauty takes time.

  • Sustainability + Ethics

    This is an environmentally friendly art where plants, nature and people are linked in each step.

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